23 April 2020


Written for my clients/families to accompany our agency's lockdown gift box:

The world since we last saw you
Has been a little strange,
Our weekly time of hanging out
One of many things to change.

We’re told to be so guarded
About something we can’t see,
What we touch or what we breathe.
We have no guarantee

That we won’t get infected
Or infect someone else,
And no one really knows for sure
How anybody tells.

A curse cast from the Dark Side?
Or is it consequential
Of corners cut, of facts ignored
Becoming monumental?

Yet some of you are saying,
In spite of all this worry,
That good things are resulting
From not being in a hurry,

From families having time to spend
Playing with each other,
Sometimes easing conflicts
‘Tween a sister and a brother.

But if that turns out not the case
At least you still have us,
To summon on the phone just when
You feel the urge to cuss.

We will put our heads together,
Though not all in one room,
To offer our best thinking
And smile at you through zoom.

You are the ones we wish for,
The ones we want to thrive.
We hope this box gives comfort
Till we once again go live!

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