04 March 2014

Accompanying Monica's birthday gift

Where has it gone, this passing time;
What good in keeping score,
When I can’t account for all years
Since nineteen-fifty-four?
Still further past my fathoming,
The task that’s left to you,
Is cataloging lessons learned
Since nineteen-fifty two.
This gift, then, will assist you,
To reconstruct each scene,
By offering a soundtrack,
Whatever it may mean.

When first this voice passed through your ear
You were perhaps sixteen.
From Clouds to Canyon then to Blue,
Then on to Blue in Green.
For going with the changes
We associate with cool;
Was a thing you bore in common
When drawn to Berklee School.
Though she did not offer answers
To romance unresolved,
Her melodies made interesting
A life so self-involved.

This gift will beg the question,
I shudder to explore:
Given our common interests,
Who did I buy it for?
Where lies love unconditional,
The devotion-laden croons,
Twixt an ulterior motive
Of padding my iTunes?
Such love would be perfection
Beyond my present depth;
Tho’ it may be yet forthcoming,
I wouldn’t hold my breath.
So let us make the best then
Of what God now provides;
Such happiness I’ve found with you
In a love that takes no sides!