18 July 2015

For Tony and Aimee

Staring from the piano lid
In our vacated home,
A card in brown ink letters
Leans on the metronome.
"With their loving families,"
How hopeful a prediction,
That everyone who bears you love
Can overcome restriction
To be there at your side
At Coonamessett Farm—
Assuming they don't lose their way,
Should that name alarm
Their female GPSs
With consonants so doubled,
In spite of their best guesses,
Geographically troubled.

I wish this were the reason
I never did arrive
Why I'm coming through this speaker
And not appearing live.
Alas this is a testing
When loyalties are split
Between the call of family
And what work will permit.
The guilt from which I carry
Matched only by the schmuck
Who wished your father "break a leg"
When he could have said "good luck."

For by the time I get there
You'll be in the southwest;
And all the best cuisine
Consumed by wedding guests.
You'll be moving on
To be more of who you are,
Combine your separate lessons
Into a single burning star.
How far it is you've come
Since last day of high school
When your aunt brought me down
To meet you, Bea, Jeff and Jules.

But the ultimate achievement,
Reflecting your success,
Is the partner you have chosen,
Who looks to you with "yes."
May all happiness be yours
(There's plenty to go around)
Such as your humbled uncle
With his ordained wife has found.

[Note: Tony's father, Jeff, was recovering from a broken leg at the time this was written]