15 October 2009

Tacoma at 2 months

rosy-fingered dawns over the Sound... unblemished Gatsby-era house, authentically unwinterized... keep having to buy many things we didn't have room to bring... still have to handle most of the domestic stuff... most everything one needs within 15 minutes' drive... free parking, easily found... hours consumed in change of residency, irreversible USPS mistake which has my mother's mail getting sent here along with other paperwork bogs... western people devote more time to having friends [postulate], encouraging us to do the same; seeing if we can start a meal group based on my Newburyport "Eating Collective" days... great Django-era Gypsy Quintet at the Mandolin Cafe... auto mechanic a block away; his wife does hair... interviews but no offers... working my way onto sub lists for nearby school systems... lots of appreciation for my playing at St Leo's... a great worship experience there... played yesterday for retired Sisters of St Francis... to be playing a Spanish house concert Sunday... working up duets with another guitarist... practicing piano... glad to see Monica and Noah thriving... trying to help Nat get his footing in the world... Pepe (cat) happier; the x-country drive seems to have made him more assertive; vet here has him on new insulin at a third the cost of that required by vet back east... missing folks and places, though appreciating the fresh start... hope you're not starved for pronouns... wondering where it all will lead...

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