25 December 2014

Christmas verse 2014

This verse refers to: Nakken, Craig (2000), Reclaim Your Family from Addiction: How Couples and Families Recover Love and Meaning. Center City, MN: Hazelden.

I here present your Christmas gift,
A book on which I’m sold;
In hopes you will make time to sift
Its waters for the gold.

From its title do not fear
That you have been confused
With those who can’t stop drinking beer
Or have hard drugs abused.
The author outlines principles
By which we all may thrive.

Belief that we’re invincible
May help us to survive.
But here we learn how power
Shapes our interactions;
For if we wish to flower,
We turn down the distractions,
Such as needing to be right,
To feel less or feel more than,
To step back from the fight.
For those who mind the score can
Only find more misery

In certain isolation.
The route to our serenity
Involves recalculation
Of coordinates we entered
Into our GPSes
As we become less centered
On certainties than guesses.

Nakken sums up all he knows
Of human inner workings,
Helping each of us expose
Assumptions that be lurking
Which keep our happiness at bay,
Keep us codependent,
From understanding how we may
Live a life transcendent.

The process of recovery,
As in this book presented,
This miraculous discovery
By addicts was invented.
Us normals did not need it,
Or so it was I thought,
Till having to concede it
May be the best we’ve got.
When next I come to visit,
And your bookshelf inspect,
To see if you exhibit
This tome out of respect,
Prepare yourself to tell me,
When n’ere it may be found,
That charity compelled thee
To give somebody bound
By chemical dependency,
His friend, her family member,
This manual for ascendancy
That comes through our surrender.

Jeffry, December 2014

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